Peeling back the layers of the onion (why is bare-chestedness really important?)

Massachusetts Avenue, Washington D.C. Autumn 2015. This lovely woman stopped me and asked if she could pose for a photo with me. Yes, always. Thank you.
Massachusetts Avenue, Washington D.C. Autumn 2015.
This lovely woman stopped me and asked if she could pose for a photo with me. Yes, always. Thank you.

Equality is certainly important, but I want to share my thoughts on something much more valuable than equality, and that is happiness.

Saying we want to be equal to men still puts men in power.  They decide what they get, and then we can have the same thing.  But if I look around and see a bunch of miserable men, I don’t want equality!  I want something more, for both men and women.  And if it takes women to lead our culture to health, maturity and happiness, then let the men try to catch up to us.  We are powerful!  If we use our power for good, our insurrection is justified.

The thing about walking bare-chested is that it is such a bold act of self-love.  You are saying to the world, here I am.  Here is my body.  Here is what it looks like when I walk.  My breasts wobble.  My nipples get erect in a breeze.  My skin gets dimpled in cold.  My chest flushes in heat.  My body works. And I love myself, every part.

It is one thing to stand in front of a mirror and say, “I’m okay.  I don’t care what they say.”  It is quite another to stand in front of a crowd and say it.  It is empowering.  And that empowerment is the real reason people are scared of bared-breasts.

I say women decide what women want and men decide what men want and we work together like grown adults to make each other happy and treat each other equally under the law and give everyone equal opportunity to pursue her or his own definitions of happiness.  Not a new idea, but so easily forgotten.


9 thoughts on “Peeling back the layers of the onion (why is bare-chestedness really important?)

  1. Let me add that I was driving through New Hampshire the day of their topfree event at Hampton Beach. My photos from York, Maine were taken the day prior in fact. I was trying so hard to get to Hampton Beach to take part but we had to get to New York on a schedule and it rained in Hampton that day etc etc and I just couldn’t get there. I have read the news accounts of the event and the build up and all the drama with the state legislators (how’s all that going by the way?) and I saw something in Laconia maybe? I did, however, have a very productive conversation with the head of law enforcement at Otter Brook Lake, the Army Corps of Engineer recreation area just outside Keene, NH and she confirmed that women would be within the bounds of the law to go bare-chested there, as they would in the town of Keene itself. She had consulted with the Keene police and called me back a couple days after I initially called her. So I was trying to get back to Keene before the weather turned but didn’t make it. It’s on my list…

    If you have women up there who would walk around quietly and peacefully with me, heck yes. Let’s set something up for the spring. Thanks again.


    1. Hello Gingerbread,
      Thanks for the reply. I just finished reading you blog. Great work.
      FreethenippleNH has a Facebook group were you can follow the work we have been doing. The short story is the official day at Hampton was a mixed bag. With chilly rainy weather but surprising turnout of brave dedicated women. Laconia was a quiet day on the beach with no trouble. I’m sure we all would love to talk with you personally and it would be great to have you join us for a day. There has been talk of a number of projects next summer.
      Feel free to join the group on FB or email me for more.

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      1. Nice. Thank you. I don’t use Facebook, out of protest for their anti-nipple policy, but I will hold on to your information. Will you e-mail me so I can check in come springtime and see when and if you folks will be messing with normalcy so I can take part maybe? 🙂 Thank you for reading and for commenting. Keep in touch please.


      1. Tom, thank you for keeping me in the loop. In the NH Constitution under Article 2 Natural Rights it says, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this state on account of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.” Which would mean that any ordinance prohibiting female bare-chestedness is in violation of the state constitution… Some of those comments under the article are appalling, but it does make me very happy to see some good brave men standing up to the small-minded misogynists. I hope reason and logic prevail!


  2. Fantastic! I love how you shifted the argument from an abstract and perhaps ultimately sterile concept of equality, to the simple physical fact of feeling the sensation of happiness, feeling happiness in and through our bodies. Beautiful.

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