How to communicate


Distill your message.

Breasts are healthy.

2 thoughts on “How to communicate

    1. Hi Al: Thank you for visiting my blog. You are correct. For the most part, the world accepted me as I was without strong reactions, and that is usually what happens. I did have quite a few people wave off camera. You can see me nod or say hello to them sometimes. And a few people looked uncomfortable too, of course. Keep in mind that we try to be very subtle when taking photos or videos, as we don’t want people to think I am being a sexual exhibitionist or making exhibitionist videos. At the same time, I do want to record the events. So we don’t try to record everything. The reason I posted the video unedited is so viewers could see exactly what you have pointed out. There weren’t many strong reactions at all. And that’s wonderful. That’s my goal. Normalcy. In that regard, I wouldn’t expect anyone to join me. After all, people don’t suddenly remove their shirts or flash their breasts when a man jogs by bare-chested. In fact, no one takes notice at all. So I take it as a win that the world just kept right on spinning around me.

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