It feels great to feel free!

Washington Monument, Washington D.C. Sunday afternoon, Summer 2015
Washington Monument, Washington D.C. Sunday afternoon, Summer 2015

Thank you for visiting my blog, Breasts Are Healthy.  I go by the name Gingerbread and I have been quietly enjoying public barechestedness for the last two years.  I started this blog at the request of friends to share the beautiful experiences I’ve had, friends I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned in the process.  Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment.

14 thoughts on “It feels great to feel free!

    1. Thank you Carlo for drawing attention to this. There are so many valid reasons for a woman to go bare-chested. So many people try to make it just about one thing or another, it’s just about equality, or just about body pride, etc. No, it’s about all these things at once, which can be overwhelming, but it really is a profound act. I think that’s why people are scared of it sometimes. People say sometimes that the topfreedom movement is not an important issue, but it is, in several directions. Thank you again for reading my blog and for commenting. Be well.

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  1. I applaud you in the way you promote and practice that which is mind and body friendly. Being topfree is good for you. I enjoy it, even in sub-zero weather, even with a bracing wind. The feeling is wonderful and since I’ve been doing this, my own body feels great after and I haven’t been getting sick. Don’t forget the evidence that shows that topfreedom allows the lymphatic system right under the skin to purge toxins which can lead to breast cancer.

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    1. Hi Tim: Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I do agree that it feels healthy and beneficial. I have read about the lymphatic systems and the negative effects of bras and the like can have on their ability to function properly. It is very refreshing to have someone discussing the physical health benefits. I appreciate it!

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  2. Congratulations on beginning your quest and good luck in changing the hearts and minds of those opposed to your cause. I am a male who loves to wear thong swimwear at the beach and as such have a somewhat similar reaction to you enjoying the right to go top free. After all, that is something that men are just NOT supposed to do. Like you, I always check local laws to make sure it is legal before I do so.

    Like almost all males, I find the female breast attractive and would never be offended by a bare bosom in public and would in fact enjoy the view much like a woman appreciates a man’s bare chest. This generates a question for you… How can a male promote top freedom for women without the narrow-minded public presuming him to be some lecherous pervert?

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    1. Hi Don,
      Please read my comment under the “Turtle’s Own Words” post (currently the second most recent post on this blog). Also, from December, the post “How to Find Other Topfreedom Fighters”. As for being thought a pervert, I live my life as transparently as can feasibly be done by a private individual. If someone thinks me a pervert, that’s more on them than me, and I do not measure my self-worth by others’ ill-considered opinions.

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